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Collect your donations OR signatures. Lend a hand or share a campaign with simplicity and ease of mind.

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Track how many people signed the petition by week, month, year.

Collecting donation

Campaign owners can set up to receive donations from supporters.

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Download signatures of supporters to submit to decision makers.

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Manage everything from your phone.


R.T.M. helps you easily produce your fundraiser, start and circulate a petition… or both. Plus, manage the whole operation directly from your smart phone or ANY mobile device.


Help these very worthy campaigns achieve their goals. Help the world and your immediate community achieve its goals… just by signing a petition, sharing or donating.

Powerful fundraising + petition management platform.

Influence decision makers

We help people reach the business and government leaders whose decisions impact our lives.

Expert campaign advice

Get advice for mobilizing support, generating media interest and lobbying elected officials.

Better activism technology

We have big ideas for the future, but we need your financial support to fuel new technological development.

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People and organizations can launch a campaign for free.

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Sharing with friends, family and supporters builds momentum.


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