Restful API

The RTM (petition/signature) API was intended as an upgrade to a more robust implementation of what was known as the RTM petition widget. The basic concept functionality of both was to allow users to embed petition signing on other websites to help facilitate RTM campaigns, giving tech-savvy petition starters the ability to better customize the campaigning experience.

Due to a number of technical reasons, RTM no longer officially supports this feature and will be eventually decommissioning it in its current implementation. This means that new API key requests and the step-by-step documentation are no longer available through the RTM/developer page. However, the API will still be usable for some period of time.

Since no new API keys will be issued, RTM will re-issue existing API keys for users that require it; please contact RTM via the Help Center at https://help.RTM/.

We will try to give all current (and previous) users of the RTM API some lead time before completely finally decommissioning it by posting to the Google Group, but, if you are noticing a discontinuation of API access and functionality, please check back here for any latest developments/news and/or contact us at the Help Center.

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