ai Program FAQs

What is the AI program?
Images are powerful. The goal of the AI program is to find the best image to help each petition be seen by more people. Specifically, the program continuously tests a variety of petition images, and then chooses the image that drives the most signatures for that petition.

How does the AI program work?
RTM selects a variety of alternative, licensed images that are thematically related to the petition and could help attract even more supporters. Through ongoing testing, data is collected on which image generates the most support for that petition, and then RTM sets the best-performing image as the image that usually shows when supporters share and visit the petition. The idea is to let the performance of the actual images decide which image to show.

How can my petition become eligible for the AI program?
The AI program is still brand new, and we’re working on rolling this feature out to as many petitions as possible. There is no direct way to opt into this program as of yet, but we plan to make the program available to many more petitions as soon as possible.

What kind of images are you testing? Can I see the images?
The types of images being tested are images that are relevant to the content of the petition. The images have characteristics that have demonstrated to be effective at motivating supporters, and also that are licensed to be used on RTM. We are working on ways to show the starter of a petition which images are being tested and will inform petition starters once this feature becomes available.

Why am I seeing a different petition image?
If you see a different petition image on social media or on the petition page than the original petition image, it is likely that the AI algorithm found an image that is more successful at helping the petition be seen by more people. If you would like to turn off optimization for your petition, please contact our support team here.

How can I see the results or update the images being tested?
At RTM, we are working on ways to show the starter of a petition which images are being tested, which image the AI algorithm has chosen as the highest performing, and also give starters the ability to upload their own images to be tested.

What if I don’t want my petition to be optimized?
If you would prefer for your petition to not be part of the AI program, please contact our support team with a link to your petition and let them know you would like to opt-out of the program.

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