World’s Petition Platform

Our idea is to provide anyone, anywhere, with the necessary tools required to start and manage their own petition or fundraiser. Today, we offer a trusted and easy-to-use platform for individual causes, market based philanthropy, social and other movements for justice across the world.
Who use platfrom?

We believe that when enough people get together and bind our individual aspirations together, nothing is too hard or out of our control.

Social activists can start a social movements and connect supporters in their communities.
Decision makers at the highest levels of government are engaging with their constituents.
Leading organizations are advancing their causes and mobilizing new supporters.
Journalists are sourcing powerful stories and covering campaigns hundreds of times a day.

We believe in your voice

Our mission is simple and clear. Give you the tools and technological and intellectual resources you need to build your mission into what it is to become without limit. As long as you’re in the business of doing God’ Will then we’ll help you master your objective(s). RTM is a platform for change.
At RTM, we believe that the power to change the world is in all human beings. With todays technological advancements – including artificially intelligent CRM and SEO tools.. you don’t need much more than desire
Our values
Make more value, not money.
We focus on value and creativity as a major point of reference. We value people and is committed to the pursuit of perfection. Like our country.
Make it simple, not stressful.
We make everything simple, clear and accessible to everyone. We’ll “make it make sense”.
Motivate yourself, or we will.
Let’s get the whole thing right there first time, and make it better the next time. Use our ai to adjust to changing circumstances, industry wide.

Our story

As a passionate activist, I urge you to join me in supporting RTM, an incredible crowdfunding platform committed to progressive activism. Through individual philanthropy and technology, RTM is empowering communities and making a real difference in the world. With a focus on faith and virtue, this platform inspires us to act with kindness and compassion. Join RTM today to make a meaningful impact on the world and create a better future for all.

Our vision

Our vision is to amplify and help support your vision for the world around you.

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